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Prospective CSI 231 Student,
The Computer Mediated Communications course you are about to undertake
will provide you with many skills you do not posess. In fact, skills
you have not yet imagined. Such things as how to stay up late at night,
or how to read e-mail faster than a speeding bullet. I might even go as
far to say that leaping those tall buildings will seem like child's play
after you have finished this course. But the good news is that it sneaks
up on you slowly. The instructor, the shy and humble type, is as good as
it gets. She had us talkin' to each other (and often to ourselves) non-stop
on the computer such that the majority of the people I now know have a totally
different format of name calling, ie. "".
Then all of a sudden it's over. Or is it? Maybe it is only the beginning
The beginning of a new look at the world! I can tell you when I finally
noticed the end transformation. The morning of the day after the last day
of class. I ripped open my shirt and there underneath was a Big S on a red
background. I couldn't believe it. I felt more powerful than a steaming
locomotive. My senses were heightened. I was so much more alert. I feel
this could only have come from this amazing course I had just finished.
If this instructor could only bottle this, this, euphoria is the only word
that comes to mind, then the world would be rid of all it's woes. Like I
said staying up late has a funny way of changing your(my) whole thought
process. I also strongly suggest that you don't spend too much of your
energy trying to impress the instructor with how this course means so
much to you as she sometimes has a difficult time accepting these kinds
of praise.

At first it may seem difficult, but just let go! Go with it! All of a
before you know it, you have arrived with those skills that will let you
have your piece of the pie.


Cyberspace Warrior!